Autohaus Kisin KG

Our position as one of the leading second-hand car dealers in Germany has given us a long-standing responsibility. In careful and appropriate small steps, we extended our business, and always ensured the satisfaction our customers The company Autohaus Kisin KG arose from a traditional family company in 1998, and in 1999 we moved into our attractive new showrooms at Kieler Strasse 200. We know that the hallmark of quality in a business enterprise is to meet the expectations of its customers to the full. It is the customers who decide what quality is. So we draw our confirmation from the fact that the customers - not the cars - keep on coming back to us. The quality and reliability of our cars and our services provide the key advantage which ensures the efficiency of our customers. Each year, we sell about 3000 cars within Germany and also to customers from other countries such as Denmark, Sweden, Norway, the UK, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Italy and Greece. But we also supply customers in countries which do not issue a VAT identification number such as Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland, Palestine, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Russia.

Our speciality:

We have much to offer. We constantly have a wide selection of over 500 nearly-new, second-hand and ex-leasing cars in stock. And if the car of your dreams is not among them, we will be pleased to find the right car for you. Why not just come and look around? You will be very welcome.

"Second-hand" is not actually the best description.

It would be more accurate to call them "nearly-new cars", because we receive our cars from leasing companies and from large companies which renew their fleet of vehicles after just a short time. So whether you are looking for a saloon car, a coupe, an estate car or a cabriolet, we have your dream car at an ideal age. You will find an enormous choice of second-hand cars in 1000 m² of showroom space and 14.000 m² of outdoor space on 3 parking areas, which we are currently extending by 6,000 m² to a total of 20,000 m².